Why Most Music Composers FAIL(!) To Find Work!
A Hard Look at Self-Promotion and Application Methods.
from Alex Pfeffer
creative consultant for music composers
Dear friend,
Navigating the music composition landscape can feel like a solitary journey, marked by familiar hurdles:
  • Marketing and self-promotion are critical to your success, not optional extras. If you're not showcasing your music effectively, you're invisible.
  • The music industry is a labyrinth of competition and complexity. Without mastering versatility and clarity, you're lost in the noise.
  • Social media isn't just about sharing; it's about captivating. "Check out my new track" doesn't cut it. If you're not engaging, you're failing.
  • Advice like "Just write good music" is a myth. Success requires more than talent; it demands strategy and hustle.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and disillusioned is common, but surrendering to these feelings means letting go of your dream to succeed in music.
"Don't worry, that's how most people out there feel!"
Why Your Self-Promotion Strategy, Application Emails, and Demo Reels Haven't Yet Gotten You A Single Client!
Composers often think that quality music and consistent outreach are enough. Yet, facing constant rejection, they mistakenly blame their skills.
On social media, straightforward posts about new tracks don't cut it, especially against peers who captivate audiences more effectively.
This leads to frustration and retreat, with composers refining their music—a misdirected effort if presentation, not talent, is the actual issue.
The truth is, your music likely has the quality to draw clients. The real challenge? You're not showcasing yourself effectively within your industry.
The music industry's landscape has dramatically shifted. Today, merely having a website, minimal social media activity, and great music doesn't cut it.
It's imperative to craft your presentation precisely for your audience, capturing their attention at every turn.
In sending demo reels, remember: each moment is critical—not just the music, but every detail, down to your email's subject line, plays a part in making an impact.
The solution is clear: Only when you master the art of marketing yourself and your music effectively will you truly open doors to new projects and opportunities.
Our "Audio Artist Rise" system enhances your demos and application pitches, incorporating an innovative approach that sets you apart: strategic cold calling, alongside advanced storytelling techniques.
This combination, rare among composers, ensures your work demands attention from industry leaders. We also boost your social media presence and refine your workflow, equipping you for a standout career in music.
I have already proven multiple times in the past that I can help people like you achieve these things in a short amount of time!
In our 60-minute strategy session, we'll dive deep into tailoring these breakthrough strategies to fit your unique journey as a music composer. Together, we'll unlock the potential of your career, ensuring every note you compose resonates with opportunity and success.
On this page, I've also provided case studies that demonstrate how I work and the results I've achieved for others like you in the music composition field.
I wish you much success and hope to speak with you soon!
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